Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Game Three - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

What are the odds of that? Surely not another dumb shooter already? Oh well, at least it’ll give me a chance to compare it with Bad Company 2 I suppose.

I loved Call of Duty 4, the first Modern Warfare game. The campaign was entertaining, and the multi-player was fantastic. It was one of my games of the year.

But I struggled to get through the single player of Modern Warfare 2. The story was awful – As if the Russians could just stroll up to the US east coast and invade, even if they did believe some American dude popped the heads of everyone in a Russian airport. In my case he didn't even do that, I refused to shoot just to spite the game.

I only finished it because I’d bought MW3 cheap, and wanted to see what happened to the two main characters, Captain Price and Soap. So here I am, about to see what happens next in this ludicrous series.

Preposterous as ever, the plot staggers around the world a bit more, mostly trying to pin down Makarov, the Russian terrorist who wants to… actually I can’t remember what his motives are. I guess he has one. The Russians are repelled from the USA almost as easily as they arrived, then they manage to stroll into Europe just a few days later. Resourceful chaps.

Compared to BC2, the presentation is superb. The bombastic action makes Dice’s effort to emulate it in BC2 look decidedly ramshackle. It’s still just glorified whack-a-mole with big guns and shout-y men, but the adrenaline rush is enough to keep me playing through. Plus, there’s Captain Price. He’s an iconic character, who I’d happily follow anywhere in the world in the name of war.

I wonder if he can remember what the bloody hell is going on.

I expect I’ll finish it…

Odyssey progress update:-

Completed: 1
Bounced off: 1
On-going: 1

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