Thursday, 28 February 2013

Game four – Lego Batman

I loved Lego as a kid. Now I get to enjoy it again through my kid. I’m not all that fussed about Batman (or superheroes in general) but I like the idea of these Lego games – Collecting stuff, solving puzzles, building things, what’s not to like? However, I’ve not got around to playing one yet. So I was initially quite happy when this came up to play next.

It didn’t last…

Initial impressions were good. It has a bucket load of charm slathered over a cutesy art style, controlled well with a gamepad, and was simple to get the hang of. From what I’ve learnt about the Lego games series, areas of the level are only accessible by certain characters which are unlocked later. But this isn’t actually explained in the game, so I did spend some time trying to access places that I don’t think I’m supposed to yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed the 45 minutes it took to get to the boss fight at the end of the level…

I hate boss fights. I’ve never seen the appeal, but have endured through them so I can continue playing the game I’m otherwise enjoying. This game did a particularly shit job of explain what to do. This brown lumpy boss arsed about a bit while I tried to blow him up. So far, so tedious. Then he went into a cordoned off area, and I couldn’t get to him anymore. The game didn’t explain why, or how to continue. It was probably something really easy (it was level one after all) and no doubt I was being extremely thick, but I was stuck.

So I decided to leave it there, thinking I could go search for the answer online then come back later.

But there’s no save option. No checkpoint saving during the level. No save on exit. Nothing. I guess it’d save on completion of the level… but I’m never going to know because all interest in this game was killed off at this point. I’d have to play through the entire level again just to get to a shit boss fight, and this is going to be repeated on every other level. So, no thanks.

What a shame! I so wanted to like this game, but I have enough games I’m playing where I can’t save whenever I like and I’m going to choose to play those when I have time for such a game (currently, that’s Borderlands 2). Sorry, Lego Batman, you’re not that good.

Odyssey progress update:-

Completed: 1
Bounced off: 2
On-going: 1

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