Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Game Two - Defcon

Hmm, Defcon. I got this in the Humble Introversion Bundle, and have played it for the grand total of 18 minutes… It’s a game I really thought I’d like more. The aesthetic is beautiful; eerie music, paired with a lo-fi graphic style of glowing green vectors. I can’t remember why I didn't play it for longer, so now’s the time to remind myself.

So, the main problem I’m going to have with this game is its multi-player only. I've gone off multi-player games in recent years. As I've gotten older I really can’t be bothered with the aggro of playing with strangers. But, I gave the tutorial a go. Aside from a couple of bugs which required a restart of a particular section, it was quite an entertaining way to spend an hour. The way the game mechanics combine certainly get you thinking about how to approach the nuclear war in different ways.

But after finishing the tutorial, enthusiasm waned. It’s a bit… depressing. Obviously, nuclear war isn't going to be like skipping through a field of buttercups (assuming you like buttercups… and skipping. Like I do). Combine it with the foreboding tension, and it’s just not my thing any more. I'm too old and tired for this now.

So I think I'm done with Defcon already.

On a brighter note…

Bad Company 2 is completed! The campaign is done, and I quite enjoyed it. The storyline is rubbish, as they usually are in FPS, but unlike in a CoD:MW, you stay as the same character throughout. So by the end I became quite attached to the soldiers I’d fought alongside for six hours. The ending though… oh dear. Stupid only begins to describe it.

I even gave the multi-player a go. It was a waste of time, but I gave it a go. I died continuously, killed two people more by luck than judgement, and at the end of the round my XP bar moved two pixels. At that rate it’d have taken a month to gain a level! So, sod that.

Odyssey progress so far :-

Completed: 1
Bounced off: 1

It’s time to discover what the next game will be.

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